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Sean Rodgers | Premier Global (NASM), Kettlebell Athletics, Percision Nutrition 1, Pre/Post Natal

I believe that everyone should have a basic understanding of how to move well, after all humans are made to move. 

My love for movement started at a young age but I really started to develope my coaching ability in my late teens when coaching youth soccer in the UK. From there I became a Personal Trainer and haven't looked back, now 12 years of experience has had me working in multipul countries (UK & Canada).

This wealth of experience has helped me to develope a certain style of training that has seen many clients change their lives. Movement is a part of everyday life, some times we need to move more, some times less but however you move, move with freedom. 



Steve Custodio

"I first met Sean through a HIIT and Movement group classes he was leading about three years ago and have been working with him ever since. 
Having trained and worked with personal trainers since 2003 and followed different movement and mobility trainings myself, I quickly realized how knowledgeable Sean was in his teaching, so I decided to approach him for some personal training sessions.

This said, I have been working with Sean ever since and I have to say that I feel great.  I’ve learned that you don’t need all that fancy gym equipment, you just need some basic equipment and the right training program.  Working with kettlebells for example, has not only improved my posture but it has strengthened my shoulders, core, lower body and even my cardio.  My muscle mass has increased, percentage body fat decreased, I’m finally seeing muscle definition in areas that I never thought I would, and it feels amazing.  Sean is by far the best trainer I’ve come across; he has been a great inspiration and has been very supportive throughout this journey."

Kirstin Fearon 

"Engaging, Knowledgeable, Caring, Professional. Sean represents those qualities in a personal trainer. I have had the opportunity to work with 6 different trainers through my journey, and Sean is in a class of his own. He works with you on your goals, helps guide you through different aspects of maintaining a healthy body, whether you are looking to prevent or recover from injuries, enhance your nutrition or just get stronger and more mobile. He doesn't work from a set script, but has given me custom workouts that help me reach my goals, taking into account my injuries and what I am capable of doing. I have found that I can move better with far less pain, and have gotten stronger and move with more ease and fluidity. He cares about more than your workout, checks in on your head space, ensures you are prioritizing yourself and makes you sweat. You will enjoy your time spent with Sean, and he will push you to give your best in every session and you will get the results you seek." 

Myles Lalonde

"Sean has been my coach for over a year now. Sean is very knowledgeable and passionate about health and fitness. Additionally to the knowledge and experience, Sean is a great person and he cares about my goals and me as a person. Sean has a very optimistic approach towards the "movement is medicine" philosophy and it has been empowering throughout our journey. I highly recommend Sean to anyone looking to improve their fitness and quality of life."




Services are available Online, In-home or in The Clinic

Location: FXN Physiotherpy (The Clinic), 1185 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K1S 3X7 

The Studio
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